Hollyoaks fans shocked as soap airs intense murder scene 4 years ago

Hollyoaks fans shocked as soap airs intense murder scene

Things got wild tonight.

If you don't watch Hollyoaks, don't worry because we didn't either until this evening.

And what an evening it was to finally start watching.

It's all been kicking off for a while over there on the Channel 4 soap as teenager Nico has been going on a murder spree and killing half the village.

No, really, she has.

Anyway, tonight Nico faced a showdown with mum Sienna and someone else called Leela who we're not really sure who she is but whatever, it's not important, let's just go with it.

Nico and Sienna were having a bit of a tiff (a massive argument) about Nico's baby Victoria who Sienna had taken away due to the fact that her daughter was, you know, murdering people.

Understandbly though, Nico didn't take that news very well and she decided to try and murder her mum.


Sienna retaliated though and hit her with a vase.

Nico appeared to be dead but then she woke up and it was a whole thing but at the end of it all, Sienna ended up whacking her with a doorstop of all things and everything was fine.

Well, it wasn't really fine because Sienna had murdered her own daughter but you know what we mean.

It was all very dramatic and viewers were shook to the very core.

Crazy stuff altogether lads.

And before the watershed and all. Madness.