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25th Dec 2022

Ireland’s favourite Christmas movie ever has been revealed

Cassie Stokes

Nothing says Christmas time like Kevin!

When it comes to movie nights in December, every household has their go-to Christmas movies. In our house we go straight to The Holiday, Love Actually, Home Alone and Elf.

Naturally, I was thrilled when I heard that two of the movies we play multiple times over Christmas in our house featured in a recent survey of Ireland’s favourite Christmas movies.

Home Alone is the nation’s favourite Christmas movie with Elf starring Will Ferrell coming in a close second.

Tesco Ireland recently unveiled these findings in its Christmas Trends report which showed that we’re looking forward to embracing family, friends and tradition more than ever before this Christmas.

My favourite memories as a kid were watching Home Alone and wishing there would be snow on Christmas Day. I like to think that this movie still still gives you all the Christmas feels as it did back in the day.

Whether it’s with Home Alone or Elf or something else, the study revealed that 51% of adults are planning to get cosy on the couch and watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve.

When it comes to chocolates over Christmas, the nation’s favourite holiday chocolates are Celebrations, followed by Roses and Quality Street.

Cathal Deavy, a Tesco representative, said: “What our research tells us is that after the year that was, many of us are looking to simply celebrating a Christmas that has some of the traditions we have enjoyed in previous years.

“What we do know is that people are looking forward to experiencing the magic of Christmas no matter what shape it may take.”