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18th Feb 2020

Blast from the past! Home and Away’s Angelo set to make a return to Summer Bay

Cathy Donohue

Home and Away’s Angelo is set to make a return to Summer Bay.

As long-term viewers of the popular drama will know, Angelo Rosetta, played by Luke Jacobz, was a sergeant in the local police force and during his time on the show, he had a relationship with colleague Charlie Buckton.

Luke left the soap in 2011 and today, it was announced that he’ll be making a return in what we can only describe as a serious blast from the bast.

Taking to Instagram today, he said:

“The secrets out. I’m absolutely thrilled to be coming back to Home and Away! Angelo will be back as the drama continues in the Bay”.

How he will fit in with the cast of today is anyone’s guess as many of his co-stars from 2008 – 2011 no longer feature in the daytime show.

However, there will be some familiar faces. His first scene is set to be with Alf Stewart and it doesn’t get more iconic than that now, does it?

As Angelo’s role in the police force sees him return to the bay, he’s likely to begin work alongside Colby and what sort of plot will this involve?


Speaking to The Sydney Confidential about his imminent return, Luke said that he would have a regular gig on the show for “a good few months”.

As devoted fans of the show will know, Angelo shot and killed fellow cop Jack Holden with this proving a major storyline at the time. It’s thought that his return to the bay is to investigate a crime and with Home and Away renowned for its wildly dramatic scenes, it’s sure to prove an interesting watch.