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21st Jun 2018

Homeless families to be moved out of Dublin to make room for tourists during Pope’s visit

Melissa Carton

This is disgraceful.

Plans are being put in place to remove homeless families from Dublin to make room for tourists to the city.

It is intended to open up hotel rooms for the thousands of tourists who will be coming to the country’s capital to attend Pope Francis’ arrival in August.

Dublin Regional Homeless Executive say that hotels outside of Dublin may be used as an alternative during the visit but it’s up to the homeless families to find the accommodation themselves.

There is also a limit on how much the room can cost which could see families moved out of Dublin’s nearby counties if they can not find a room within the budget.

Fr Peter McVerry has criticised these plans and told the that it puts stress on those already struggling.

“Families that are already in hotels will be told that the hotels are pre-booked and told you have to move out”

City counsellor Christy Burke said that he thought it was regrettable that families have to stay in hotels in any part of the country, but for those who have to move out of their area for accommodation, it is a much worse situation.

Not only will this plan be devastating to homeless families but I can’t help but find it the very opposite of Christianity to put small children out on the street.

Many people in the country wish to see Pope Francis, which is understandable with Ireland’s close tie to Catholicism but why the cost is so astronomical is less clear.

The Pope’s visit is estimated to be costing over 20 million, money that would be much better spent helping the homeless families that will now be scrambling to find new accommodation over the next few weeks.