Month-long hosepipe ban announced for Dublin in bid to conserve water 2 years ago

Month-long hosepipe ban announced for Dublin in bid to conserve water

After almost a week of glorious, hot weather the country is running low on water.

Demand for water is currently outstripping supply in a number of areas and so a hosepipe ban will be introduced in the Greater Dublin Area on Monday, it's been announced.

Irish Water has said that the ban will last until 31 July but that it will monitor water reserves and may extend it.

It had warned earlier today that we could expect some restriction on "non-essential" water use.

The restriction means that people will be barred from using a hosepipe or similar implement for a number of purposes, including washing a domestic car, watering plants and filling a domestic swimming or paddling pool, except when using hand-held containers filled directly from a tap.

"We are really grateful for the measures that people have taken to conserve water so far and we hope that placing a Water Conservation Order will make people more mindful of their responsibilities and the impact their water usage is having on their neighbours and communities," said Kate Gannon of Irish water.

Meanwhile, our neighbours in the north are also being encouraged to conserve water over the heatwave.

A hosepipe ban will come into effect in Northern Ireland from 6pm this evening.

Of course, the dry weather can't last forever and it's been confirmed that we'll be getting some rain early next week.

"There is some uncertainty but latest indications suggest rather more in the way of cloud, but some sunshine," Met Éireann has said.

"Dry much of the time on Monday but increasing chance of some showery rain developing, however at this stage amounts look small."