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29th Apr 2015

How a letter from Mum helped a lonely little boy find the friends he longed for

Roman Mole, 11, had only ever had one party invite

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A little boy who often cried himself to sleep because he had no friends has been flooded with birthday wishes today, after a poignant letter written by his Mum went viral.

Roman Mole, who turns 11 today, has been inundated with cards and gifts from all over the world after his mother, Molly, revealed that he had only been invited to one classmate’s birthday party throughout his seven years in primary school.


In a desperate effort to help her son to find the friends he longed for, Molly wrote a Facebook post she hoped would convince local parents to consider inviting Roman to their children’s get-togethers:

“He is a lovely adorable boy with difficulties,” wrote the Devon mum.

“Sometimes he sits crying asking if he will get a call to invite him to a classmate’s party, and we have to explain that he won’t. I have even rung friends up and asked if I can pay the party fee to take Roman along and keep an eye on him – but no, this has not worked either.

“With going back to school tomorrow after the Easter break he has been crying the last two days saying no one will speak to him or ask him how his holiday was, but they will be pleased to see everyone else.

I cannot express how heart-breaking these past few years have been seeing my beautiful boy so upset, so often.”

The post was quickly shared and before long, greeting cards were pouring in from across the globe.


A local cinema invited Roman and his family to a screening, before 12 new friends (including another little boy who also never gets any invites) joined them for a birthday curry and almost 60 students from his school gathered to throw him a surprise party.

Accidental stardom aside, Molly says her Facebook post has had the desired effect:

“What is nice is a couple of parents have invited him over and to play – so some really positive moves.”