HSE: 24 people have died from flu this season 3 years ago

HSE: 24 people have died from flu this season

At least 24 people have died from the flu in Ireland this winter season, the HSE has said.

Its latest figures show that this has been the fifth-worse flu season since the year 2000, when records began.

Most of those who died from the disease suffered with underlying conditions, the HSE’s Assistant National Director of public health Dr Kevin Kelleher said today.

Today's figure is up from last week's HSE estimate of fewer than ten people.

Thankfully, the worst will soon be over, according to Dr Kelleher.

"Last week or this week will be the peak," he said this afternoon at the latest HSE flu update at Dr Stevens' Hospital in Dublin.

People of all ages have been affected by the flu this year, he added.

HSE: 24 people have died from flu this season


The numbers of people being admitted to hospital for the flu has risen, putting an extra strain on the health system this winter.

As of today, there are 547 people waiting on trolleys in Ireland, according to the INMO's Trolley Watch figures.

Limerick's University Hospital is currently the country's busiest hospital, with 43 patients waiting.

Meanwhile, the HSE has issued guidelines to help prevent the spread of flu in schools.

It has urged anyone whose child falls ill to keep them out of school for five days from when the symptoms first appear.

Check out the rest of the official advice here.