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26th Apr 2017

There is a hummus crisis happening and we are feeling a little panicky about it

Trine Jensen-Burke

Freak out now.

A hummus crisis has hit the UK and we fear it could be about to go down on our shores as well – and now what the heck are we all going to eat for lunch.

According to the Huffington Post, two major UK supermarkets have removed stocks of hummus from shelves, leaving customers crying into their desks and keyboards all over the country.

The product recalls comes after several customers complained that hummus purchased in Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury’s tasted different to usual. The supermarkets, naturally, recalled the products, leaving fans of the popular chickpea-based dip devastated.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told The Guardian it had decided to withdraw a number of lines after customers reported problems with the taste.

“We’ve temporarily removed a number of hummus lines from sale due to a production issue at our supplier. We expect to be fully stocked within a couple of days and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

However, both M&S and Tesco have come out and reassured customers that there is no need to panic, and that their shelves are back to being fully stocked again.

“Some of our hummus products were temporarily taken off shelf due to a supplier issue. We can reassure customers that our recipe hasn’t changed and that hummus is now back in store,” a representative for M&S explained.

Should you want to avoid any panic altogether, though, you can always opt for making your very own hummus. Why not try this delicious recipe?