Met Éireann predict that the weather won't be too shabby at all today 5 months ago

Met Éireann predict that the weather won't be too shabby at all today

We can deal with this.

It seems like over the past few weeks every day was getting colder and every night was getting frostier. Not ideal when you have to get up for work and the last thing you want to do is leave your warm bed.

But, according to Met Éireann it looks like the weather will be pretty mild - for the next few days at least.

While there might be a bit of rain, it'll be mainly dry and not too cold.

The weather forecaster said: "Mostly cloudy today with scattered outbreaks of light rain, mist and drizzle. Good dry periods as well, especially in southern and some eastern areas, where it may remain dry for most of the day. Highest temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees Celsius in moderate southwest breezes."

While tonight we'll see: "Cloudy with patchy rain and mist tonight but more persistent rain will move into the northwest overnight. Lowest temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius and becoming breezy as the southwest winds will increase moderate to fresh generally, but with strong and gusty winds on northwest coasts."

For tomorrow, there will be scattered bits of rain but temperatures aren't looking too bad.

"Rain in the northwest will gradually spread to other parts during the day. The rain will be light and intermittent and amounts will be small again in most areas. Temperatures will be 10 or 11 degrees Celsius through the day. It will continue breezy with moderate to fresh southwest winds, veering northwest later."