'I feel like I know her and she's gone now': Corrie's Katie McGlynn on Sinead's final scenes 7 months ago

'I feel like I know her and she's gone now': Corrie's Katie McGlynn on Sinead's final scenes

Better grab the tissues, Corrie fans.

Coronation Street's Katie McGlynn has told how watching Sinead Tinker's death for the first time was like "seeing a loved one die."

The 26-year-old, who played Sinead for six-and-a-half years, filmed her final scenes for Corrie last month as Sinead dies from cervical cancer.

And at a special screening of the episode in which Sinead says her goodbyes to her loved ones before passing away, McGlynn admitted it was tough to see the heartbreaking scenes play out on screen.

She told The Mirror:

"It is sad because we've developed the character for six and a half years and I feel like I know her and she's gone now.

"So watching her final days - it doesn't feel like I'm watching myself, it feels like I'm watching her. It's really sad, I feel like someone's died."

Sinead is set to tragically die at the end of next week, after recently being told her cancer treatment was not working anymore.

Beth, Craig and Kirk throw Sinead an early Christmas. And while Daniel insists Sinead is too ill for the impromptu Christmas, she feels otherwise -  and is determined to enjoy herself as much as possible.

But Daniel's overprotectiveness looks set to cause friction between the two of them and, later on, Bethany finds him sobbing in the ginnel - and the two of them share a moment.

Daniel returns home where Sinead reveals that she’s read Bethany’s short story and it’s clear she’s in love with him. And while he tries to deny there's any truth to it, Sinead suspects he's lying - however, she manages to forgive him.

She later wakes up to find her family members gathered around her bed, taking comfort in listening to them bicker over inconsequential nonsense.

According to MetroDaniel and Sinead later share a few special moments - but it isn't long before Sinead passes away, her husband and son by her side.

  • Katie McGlynn's finale scenes as Sinead Tinker will air on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25.