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24th Jan 2020

Illegal puppy farm owners in Roscommon convicted of animal cruelty

Shocking stuff.

Illegal puppy farm owners in Roscommon have been convicted of animal cruelty.

Fiona Quinn and Colin Sharkey were today found guilty of failing to safeguard the welfare of 86 dogs while involved in the operation of an illegal dog breeding establishment.

The puppy farm was discovered in July of 2018 when a complaint was made to the ISPCA, prompting a visit from an animal welfare inspector.

Dozens of dogs, including 20 puppies, were discovered in a shed in the Ballinagare property. Many of the dogs were suffering from skin, eye and ear problems plus extremely matted coats.

The majority of the dogs were rehabilitated and rehomed, but four were unfortunately euthanised due to incurable health related issues.

“The dogs were bred illegally purely for commercial gain with no regard for their welfare,” said inspector Karen Lyons.

“There is simply no excuse for failing to provide a basic level of care for these dogs and animal neglect and mistreatment is a serious offence that will not be tolerated.”

Sharkey was sentenced to 200 hours community service and banned him from keeping dogs for 10 years, while Quinn was sentenced to 80 hours community service and banned from keeping dogs for two years.

Both defendants were also required to pay €1,230 in costs and pay a contribution of €1,070 to the ISPCA.