Influencer mum breaks down after trolls target her baby's name 1 week ago

Influencer mum breaks down after trolls target her baby's name

This is so heartbreaking!

An influencer mum has gone viral after breaking down on camera as she spoke out about trolls attacking her baby’s unique name.

Liana Jade from Enderby, Leicestershire, and her partner, Connor, welcomed their son, Koazy, last July.

In a recent TikTok video, Liana broke down in tears as she told how people had criticised her child’s name after watching The Unplanned Podcast, by YouTubers Matt and Abby.

While the couple did not mention Liana and Connor’s choice of name, it came up in the comments section.

Addressing the video to her eight million followers, Liana explained in a TikTok that has clocked up more than 6m views: “I know it’s just their opinion but they posted a clip on their TikTok and their YouTube shorts that they pulled out of their podcast, and they were talking about people naming their kids new, original names.

“They were saying how ridiculous some of these new unique names were.”

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Abby says in the video, “it does kinda bug me some of the names that are out there nowadays. So off the wall, I’m like, you know, your child is going to grow up and be an adult and potentially work in a professional setting.”

Matt agreed, saying some names are “cute for a kid”, but not always suitable when they become adults.

Abby continued: “And also some people are like, so proud of like, I don’t know anyone named this name, and I’m naming my kid that and I’m like that might not be the flex that you think it is, that might be a red flag.”

Liana says in her video that people had taken her child’s name out of context: “I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but people have kinda pulled it out of context and said that we called him Koazy because he was cozy in the womb.

“No, it was a name we already had and as I was getting so heavily pregnant, people were saying ‘Oh he was cozy in your belly’ and it kind of confirmed to us that that’s what we should name him.

“It’s really upset me. I knew everyone wasn’t going to love the name so I’m not gonna sit here defending it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s just different when there’s this comments section open on such a big influencer’s video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby’s name.”