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23rd Feb 2019

You can now buy a Queen Meghan Markle poster to put on your… mantelpiece?

Bow down.

Denise Curtin


When Bey and Jay take to our screens, they never do it in halves, and excepting their Brit award for Best International Group was no different.

Standing in their home in front of a Queen Meghan Markle image, fans went into a frenzy when they noticed the iconic photo of the Duchess of Sussex pimped up to look like a queen.


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And now, you too can own the artwork thanks to its creator, Tim O’Brien. The genuis behind the portrait is now selling copies for $100 (€88) online here.

Tim is a famous artist from Brooklyn, whose work you might have seen on the cover of TIME Magazine, where he did series on Trump featuring a destroyed oval office.

O’Brien also created an image of Beyoncé looking like the Queen Bey she is recognised as – featuring hidden lemons as tribute to her Lemonade album in 2016 – you can check out that print here.

Hmm, now we wonder if Harry has bought his copy of Queen Meghan for the new mantelpiece in Frogmore House? One can speculate, I guess.

Today, Harry and Meghan head off on their next royal tour – spending three days in Morocco. You can read all about that here.