The internet is losing it over a baby that looks JUST like John Legend 3 years ago

The internet is losing it over a baby that looks JUST like John Legend

Baby John Legend is here, people.

And we are not talking about little Luna Legend, by the way.

This whole saga started over the weekend when Instagram user Kimmy Rae reposted a throwback photo of her Legend-look-alike baby, Jackson (who, by the way, is a DEAD ringer for the singer, I think we can all agree?!)

And the internet being the internet, the side-by-side snap soon went viral, but tons of other people excitedly confirming that her baby was indeed a total SNAP with Legend.

And while you would think this funny comparison ended there – it did not, with Rae’s pic quickly being shared to Twitter and hilarious tweeters hitting the ground running with their own opinions on the cute snap. And before long, other people were getting in on the action too, sharing their own lookalike JohnBabies and soon a viral sensation was born.

The tweets were epic, with many sharing their theories on how BabyJohn happened, with one Twitter user coming up trumps with this one:



“Hear me out. John Legend has been secretly impregnating women with his music.”

Here are some of the others:

On and on the laugh-out-loud theories went, with people often tweeting both John and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, to make sure they were kept up to speed on the antics.

Chrissy herself, however, eventually got fed up with it all and literally silenced the internet with this one epic tweet:

Go Chrissy – what a LEGEND.