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30th Aug 2022

Why do I have to invite all of my child’s classmates to their birthday?

Kat O'Connor

Is the mum wrong?

Planning a child’s birthday party is far too stressful at times, especially when you add in school politics.

Some schools expect you to invite the entire class, but is that really fair?

One mum ignored that very rule last April but is still getting complaints about her son’s 8th birthday.

Yes, really.

She explained, “We are not in the best place financially; like most families, our consumer debt piled on and we are throwing every spare cent at it.”

“So when it was time to throw him a party, I only invited 5 of his classmates, the ones he considered his friends. For the others I sent 2 dozen cupcakes and juice boxes to class.”

“The invites were delivered to their houses and not in front of the other kids.”

The mum said money was tight so she had to cut costs for the party itself, but she made it work.

After the party, the boy’s classmates couldn’t help but rave about how fun the party was.

Other children caught wind of the praise and then told their parents about it.

“At pick up Tuesday, a couple moms confronted me about not inviting their kids. I said that I am sorry, but it was a small party for his close friends only.”

“They kept complaining about me excluding their kids.”

“I didn’t take it seriously then, but now it is a new school year, almost 6 month later, and I am still getting the occasional comment thrown at me.”

Was the mum wrong for only inviting a select group or was it completely fair?