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12th Nov 2018

Irish Aviation Authority launch investigation after two ‘UFO sightings’ off the Irish coast


Denise Curtin

It’s not every day you hear of not one, but two UFO sightings off the coast of Ireland.

But this week, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) launched an investigation after two pilots reported unidentified objects close to passenger planes.

As this incident was reported by professional pilots, the IAA is looking into these strange sightings in depth, to see what occurred during these commercial flights.

According to the Irish Mirror, the first sighting occurred last Friday at 6:47am over Kerry, when a British Airways Flight was travelling from Montreal to Heathrow.

The startled pilot rang Shannon Air Traffic Control inquiring to see if a military activity was occurring over Irish airspace.

According to the Mirror, the pilot, startled, spoke on the sighting saying:

“It was moving so fast. It appeared on our left-hand side and rapidly veered to the north. We saw a bright light and it then just disappeared at a very high speed.

“We were just wondering. We didn’t think it was likely political. We were just wondering what it might be.”

However, the air traffic controller reported nothing showing on either the primary or secondary radar.

This incident followed another by a Virgin Airlines pilot who reported an object with “two bright lights which seemed to climb away at speed.”

Today, the IAA reported that they’re investigating the incidents.