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28th Nov 2018

Would you like to be a homeless child’s secret Santa? Here’s how you can

Melissa Carton

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While for most of us Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, for others it can be a tough time of the year.

The housing crisis in Ireland means that hundreds will spend this Christmas in emergency accommodation, many of these children.

One Irish company has thought of a way to brighten up the holiday season for young homeless children and you can help!

Hen’s Teeth, an art and lifestyle store in Dublin have decided to organise a gift drive for children spending Christmas in temporary accommodation and posted to their Facebook page;

“There are 4,000 children in temporary accommodation for Christmas this year, and we’d like to do something to help make their Christmas Day a little brighter.

So we’re working closely with a number of homeless charities to organise a present drive!

Email us at [email protected] by December 1st if you would like to be paired with a child to get them a gift this Christmas.

Thank you and much love,
Hen’s Teeth Crew x”

Those wishing to get involved can do so by emailing the company and being paired with a child who they will then become secret Santa to.

Many families struggle financially at this time of the year, particularly those dealing with homelessness and the smallest gesture of kindness can make the biggest difference.