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03rd Mar 2016

This Irish Mum Now Has THREE Sets of Twin Girls


An Irish woman has spoken out about being a mum to three sets of twin girls. (We’re tired just thinking about it!)

According to Today FM, Philomena Flynn and her husband Aidan from Westmeath welcomed Mabie Jane and Elicia Kate at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin on January 30th.

While twins aren’t unheard of, the girls were actually the couple’s third set. They have four other daughters: twins Emma and Rebecca (18) as well as identical twins Emer and Tara (17).

Philomena and her six girls appeared on ‘The Anton Savage Show’ today, with the mum saying that when she found out she was pregnant with the middle set, she and her husband just laughed.

She told the host: “It was quite early again into the pregnancy that I found out we were expecting a second set of twins. Aiden my husband just laughed, sure what you could do?

“The first couple of years were crazy…The feeds ran into the next feeds and nights ran into days. It’s a bit of a blur to be honest. At one point we were going through 128 nappies a week.”

She apparently found out that she was expecting the third set when she went to the doctor, feeling unwell. She said that she and her husband were “shocked and delighted.”

The two new arrivals are now at home (Mabie had to stay in hospital for eight days more than Elicia due to her low weight) and healthy.

The odds of having three sets of twins, of any kind, naturally is 1 in 500,000. You can listen to the entire interview on the Today FM website here.

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