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11th May 2017

Some Irish primary schools are introducing Humanism lessons today

Laura Holland

Brilliant move.

Some Irish primary schools will introduce Humanism as a lesson from today. It’s a joint initiative between the Humanist Association of Ireland (HAI) and Educate Together.

The lessons, which have been in development since 2015, have been incorporated into the curriculum following the rise in the number of people living in Ireland who identify as being non-religious.

The lessons will encourage children to engage with different world views and religious beliefs.

According to the Irish Examiner, Philip Byers, a spokesperson for the HSI said:

“Last month’s 2016 Census figures showed a substantial increase in Ireland’s non-religious sector – 468,400 respondents who identified as being non-religious — a 73.6% increase from 2011. One in ten Irish citizens now claims to be non-religious.

Educate Together and the HAI believe that knowledge and understanding of differing beliefs should be at the heart of any inclusive model of education. Both organisations believe that this is particularly important in an education system where religious beliefs have long held a privileged position.

These lesson plans address humanism in a matter-of-fact way and were developed in order to enhance children’s confidence in engaging with differing world views and religious beliefs.”