Irish shoppers are oddly loyal to their favourite brands 7 years ago

Irish shoppers are oddly loyal to their favourite brands

Almost half of Irish shoppers mostly fill their trolley with brand name products, regardless of the price.

According to the Love Irish Food annual Food Barometer, 43 per cent of shoppers look for the same branded items every week, with those who ‘seldom’ buy brands accounting for a mere eight per cent of shoppers.

Of the 1,000 Irish adults surveyed 35 per cent said price is no longer the primary motivator and that trust in the brand, country of origin and local provenance are the top priorities.

Interestingly, those living in Dublin are far more likely to be ‘brand loyalists’ with 50 per cent of respondents living in Dublin saying they ‘only buy well known brands’. This compares to 21 per cent in the rest of Leinster, 21 per cent in Munster and only eight per cent in both Connacht /Ulster.

When respondents were asked which well known Irish brands they believe will stand the test of time, the top ten were as follows:

  • Barry’s Tea (78%)
  • Cadbury’s (76%)
  • Tayto (75%)
  • Lyons (72%)
  • Dairygold (66%)
  • Kerrygold (64%)
  • HB (62%)
  • Denny (61%)
  • Flahavans (59%)
  • Avonmore (57%)

Of the top ten brands that people believe will still be available in 2035, at least 80 per cent were produced here in Ireland.

When asked the amount they are likely to spend on Christmas dinner this year, of the shoppers who only or mostly buy branded products, 75 per cent believe that they will spend an average of €110 on the meal in 2015, with an extravagant 8 per cent splashing out over €200.

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