Irish teacher stabbed by pupil during class in Spain 9 months ago

Irish teacher stabbed by pupil during class in Spain

The English and technology teacher was stabbed numerous times.

An Irish teacher, aged in his 40s, has been stabbed by one of his pupils in Spain.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning during class.

The 13-year-old reportedly stabbed the teacher in the back at around 10.45 am.

Monteagudo School is located in the city of Murcia in Spain.

The teacher has not yet been named, but he is a 41-year-old Irish national. He was teaching English, as well as technology at the Spanish school.

Parents are reportedly horrified by the incident because the school has always been so peaceful and problem-free.

It is understood that the boy, believed to be aged 13, stabbed the teacher when he was writing on the chalkboard in class. The teacher's back was turned to the class.

The pupil started attending the school last year. There are no known problems between the pupil and teacher.


The youth showed the weapon to his classmates in the toilets prior to the attack.

According to reports, the teacher suffered stab wounds to the ribs and was stabbed at least three times.

Emergency services attended the scene and rushed the teacher to a nearby hospital.

He is currently being treated at Morales Messeguer University Hospital in Murcia. However, his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

The young boy is currently being questioned by the Spanish police.

The school told The Irish Examiner, "We are very sorry for what has happened."

It also confirmed the teacher was "out of danger".