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24th Jul 2017

It’s bad news for the people of Louth following water leak

The announcement was made on Monday morning.

Darragh Berry

Monday will now become Thursday.

The north-east will remain without water for at least another three days after a water main which was nearly five metres under ground burst on Friday morning.

Over 30,000 homes and businesses have been affected following the burst and over the weekend and Irish Water began a special operation to repair some of the damage but it subsequentially failed.

Residents in the area were then told that the problem would be fixed by Monday the latest but sadly, the people of Louth will be still without water once Monday comes and goes.

An Irish Water Spokesperson told Morning Ireland that repairs will not be made now until at least Thursday meaning the north-east will be out of water for nearly a week.

Towns such as Duleek, Lagavoreen, Donore, Ashbourne, Stamullen, Kentstown, and Ardcath have been affected following the disaster.

Irish Water is currently working in tangent with Louth County Council on the matter to deal with the water shortages.