Irish Water has launched a website to help customers receive refunds 2 years ago

Irish Water has launched a website to help customers receive refunds

Irish Water has begun plans to issue refunds to customers who paid their water charges.

In accordance with the Water Services Bill, which was passed by Dáil Éireann in October, Irish Water will be refunding nearly 900,000 households the amount they paid towards water charges.

This totals approximately €173m.

To get the process going, before they begin to issue refunds, Irish Water has set up a dedicated page on their website to help people to ensure they get their refund.

Customers are asked to log-in through the web page and update any information that might have changed. If you have moved house for example.

You can also check how much you have paid to date in order to calculate the refund you will be receiving.

They will be issuing refunds by cheque to the individual who owns the account, at the address on their account. If a customers address or details have not changed then there is no need to contact Irish Water.

According to RTÉ, Eamon Gallen, Head of Customer Operations for Irish Water, said:

"The two big questions that customers have are how much they will receive? And when they will receive it?

Household customers can be assured that they will receive the full amount they paid, and customers will shortly be able to check online exactly how much they are due and when they are likely to receive their refund.

Our priority is to ensure that those who paid their household charges get their refund as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is why I would urge any customers who have not informed us of a change of address to do so now so that their details are up to date and there is no delay in issuing their cheque."