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23rd Mar 2022

Ben Foden’s wife Jackie claims he isn’t a “slimy cheater”

Kat O'Connor

“He cheated on this beautiful, famous pop star — of course, he could cheat on you”

Jackie Smith Foden has slammed claims her husband Ben Foden will cheat on her.

She claims his marriage to singer Una Healy was practically over when he slept with another woman.

Jackie, who married Ben just days after his divorce was finalised, said he isn’t a “slimy cheater”.

She told The Sun, “People perceive Ben as some slimy, habitual cheater and it’s really not who he is. I don’t think Ben could possibly cheat on me.

“Everyone’s like, ‘He cheated on this beautiful, famous pop star — of course, he could cheat on you’. But that’s just not the dynamic we have.”

She explained that they trust each other completely. She even said they have access to one another’s phones, laptops, and social media profiles.

“We have a very honest and open relationship. We don’t lead separate lives. It’s frustrating that Ben’s cheating is brought up constantly.”

Jackie says she trusts Ben completely.

She also said he always tells her if women send him nude photos.

“Every time another woman sends Ben topless photos, he shows me. It happens every day on Snapchat or his Instagram DMs, though he never responds.

“It’s bizarre and really gross how so many women try it on with a married man with kids,” she said.

Speaking about his marriage to Una Healy, Jackie claimed their relationship was already “over” when he cheated on the Irish presenter.

“He was depressed and it was a moment of emotional escape at a time when he felt his marriage was already over.

“Was it wrong? Yes. But do I understand why he did it? Yes. Do I think he would make the same mistake again, even if our relationship doesn’t work out? No.”

Jackie and Ben tied the knot in 2019. They welcomed their daughter Farrah in 2020.

Ben shares two children with singer Una Healy.