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03rd Feb 2022

Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to star as Jim Jones in new Jonestown movie

Melissa Carton

The next big true crime film to watch out for.

The Jonestown Massacre has been deemed one of the most horrific events in the history of the United States.

One of the largest mass murder-suicides on record, the Jonestown Massacre saw 900 people die after cult leader, Jim Jones, told or forced cult members to take their own lives before taking his own.

The victims included men, women and children who had moved with Jones to a remote location to start a new life, not knowing what was to come.

Now over 40 years later from the tragic events Deborah Layton’s memoir Seductive Poison is set to be adapted into a film version with Inception actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to star as Jim Jones himself.

The film will also star Chloë Grace Moretz who will play Layton herself.

According to Deadline the film will depict how Layton ‘rose through the ranks of the People’s Temple cult, eventually entering the inner circle of Christian Socialist preacher Jim Jones’.

Jim Jones first founded the organisation that would become the Peoples Temple in Indianapolis in 1955 before establishing “Jonestown” in 1974 in Guyana, four years before the massacre would take place.

Titled White Night, filming is set to take place on the new true crime movie this spring, with a release date not yet announced.

William Wheeler of The Ghost In The Shell penned the adaptation with Anne Sewitsky of Happy, Happy to direct.