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14th Nov 2018

Love your pet pooch? This could be the perfect Christmas present for them

Olivia Hayes

Because they’re Good Boys.

We can tell each other when we’re cold (and we do, constantly) however, our dogs can’t speak to us so we can never really tell if they’re warm or actually freezing.

Well, we won’t have to guess anymore because these dog beds are heated so they can stay warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

Credit: K&H Pet Products

If you want to treat you pet this Christmas (because believe us, you will definitely be treating them with the price of these) the Thermo Snuggly Sleeper by K&H Pet Products is the perfect thing to purchase.

The bed adjusts to your dog’s body temperature and has a removable and washable cover which is super handy. However coming in at $129.99 (€115), it’s super pricey and honestly it would be a hard push to spend that much on a heated bed for ourselves.

It’s received very good reviews though:

“I have a 2 year old all white Siberian Husky. You’d think that he wouldn’t want any more warmth because of his thick hair, but he loves this heated bed! After every single walk he runs into my room and on his bed. He starts to whine if he can tell that it’s not warm. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it.”


“These beds were a hit right out of the box! I have two beagles and they love snuggling at night. The problem is that they were taking over my bed and I found my space shrinking more and more every night. Because these beds are warm my dogs love snuggling in them and it made the transition from my bed to their beds a breeze.”

So, if you have more than €100 to spend and fancy treating your dog, go for it.