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12th Sep 2015

Kanye Jest: Some genius photoshopper has been busy and it’s TOO funny

Sive O'Brien

Okay, we hold our hands up, we are sharing this for our childish amusement, but these creepy and downright disturbing photoshopped images of Kim Kardashian with Kanye are a scream. 

Don’t they just amplify just how ridiculous this celebrity couple are most of the time? It’s just a silly joke, sure, but doesn’t it just make you realise how much they are starting to morph into grotesque caricatures of themselves? Surely that is the look Kim is going for anyway, or maybe it’s the video game character appeal they are both going for – chiselled and contoured and exaggerated and plastic in every way.

And then there’s the gorgeous little North West – a serious cutester, I’ll admit, but how crazy-uncomfortable does she look in all those adult-version clothes ALL THE TIME.

Each to their own and all that, and before the Kardashian police come after me, I am sure they are brilliant parents most of the time and doesn’t North West look in her element at fashion shows? So much more fun than a ball centre…

1. What a little cutie


2. So happy with his new Doc Marten’s


3. Don’t worry sweetie-pie, you will always be my little president


4. He’s growing up too fast


5. The greatest big baby of all time



Images via Elliot Wagland, Waggerwagger