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03rd Oct 2018

George and Charlotte are already learning this royal tradition

Cathy Donohue

George and Charlotte are learning the way of the royals very early on.

It seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are teaching their children one royal tradition already.

None other than the royal wave which is definitely a greeting that’s associated with the family.

You’ll notice that they often wave in a certain manner although occasionally, Queen Elizabeth has a different way of doing things.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George appear to be following the tradition already and of course, this has been noticed with many commenting on the adorable gesture.

royal tradition

When pictured with their parents, they often give a wave to the waiting paparazzi and when going to meet her little brother, Prince Louis, Charlotte was mad to wave at the cameras.


This tradition is known as the Windsor wave and although the children are too young to perfect this rather strict royal tradition, Meghan Markle picked it up before the royal wedding.

One the day they married, Meghan and Harry waved to the crowds during their carriage procession and apparently, the type of wave is very specific.

royal tradition

Grant Harrold, an etiquette expert, previously spoke to Express about how Meghan picked up the royal wave in the period between her engagement to Harry and the day of their wedding.

“The wave we saw on the Duchess of Sussex’s engagement was what we all would do on a day to day basis when waving at someone.

“However, the wave we saw on her wedding day is that more fitting of a royal. It was graceful, dignified, elegant and similar to the wave we would expect of members of the royal family”.

royal tradition