Kathryn Thomas and Donal Skehan share adorable pictures of their kids at Halloween 4 years ago

Kathryn Thomas and Donal Skehan share adorable pictures of their kids at Halloween

They both looked so cute.

The Irish celebrities are putting in some serious effort when it comes to their children's Halloween costumes.

Yesterday Aoibhín Garrihy posted a video of her little girl, Hanorah, fast asleep in her Hippo costume and now Donal Skehan and Kathryn Thomas have shared pictures of their dots looking very cute.

Baby Ellie, Kathryn Thomas' adorable eight-month-old, featured on the Operation Transformation host's Instagram wearing a pumpkin costume and titled, "Happy Halloween".


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Happy Halloween ? ❤️❤️❤️

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Kathryn's followers gushed at how cute the little one is, with one person commenting, "Ahhh edible!!" and another saying, "She is like a big doll."

TV chef, Donal Skehan, also posted a picture of ten-month-old baby Noah in his hilarious chicken rig-out.

Donal said that wife, Sophie was mad over one particular detail in the shot - Noah's dirty feet:


"Sophie was mad I didn’t clean his feet before I took this pic but I think it makes it the costume more authentic… plus me and Noah are ok walking on egg shells till she’s over it."

The Meals in Minutes author added that the chicken costume would double as Noah's Easter get-up. Now, that's the kind of parenting hack we appreciate!


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#ThrowbackThursday to this time last week when we were scrambling to get ready for our friends wedding in NYC- it has been probably the busiest couple of months we’ve ever had so it was nice to stop for a minute, take a breath and celebrate. These last couple of months have required a lot of deep breathing, the pace has been full on and it’s had so many amazing high points but with them a good few low points, mainly from just being completely pooped. At times like these I always come back to something I learnt a few years ago; that stress can be a good thing, it pushes us to meet deadlines and do things we thought we couldn’t, but with it you have to take time out for RECOVERY. Taking time to exercise, eat well and do things that make you feel good are essential to keep the show on the road. Today we had one of those days where there was room to breathe, play with max, snuggle Noah and stroll with @SofieSkehan who keeps me going- it’s going to be busy again next week but soaking up days like today to fill up the cup! Sending good vibes your way- take the time for recovery, it feels good! Donal xx ❤️

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The costume was a firm favourite with Donal's followers and people told Sophie not to worry about the mishap:

"Babies get dirty. It's not a big deal. Let him have his fun Sophie and don't worry about anything, including what other people think."

We can't wait to see next year's celebrity offspring costumes already!