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13th Jan 2023

Kathryn Thomas scared to go running alone since Ashling Murphy’s death

Kat O'Connor

Kathryn Thomas has opened up about how she stopped running alone following the murder of Ashling Murphy.

The beloved teacher was killed in broad daylight in Tullamore on January 12th, 2022.

Speaking about Ashling’s untimely death, Kathryn Thomas said it was so shocking because she was killed “in broad daylight”.

She told Newstalk;

“The thing that was so shocking was that it was broad daylight.”

“We’re constantly worried about getting out before it’s dark, and it is more difficult because the evenings are shorter.

The presenter said she never would’ve questioned running in the daylight before, but since Ashling’s murder, she has avoided it.

“Now, particularly in light of Ashling’s case, put it this way: I’ve not gone early morning or late evening since then unless I’m with a group.”

She advised people to join a walking or running groups and to avoid being alone when out exercising.

She explained that exercise is something we should be able to enjoy.

“It’s about finding somewhere where you feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, and you feel like you’re checking yourself all the time, you’re not going to enjoy it.”

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Ashling Murphy’s murder.

Hundreds of people gathered at a mass in honour of the late musician’s anniversary.

Ashling’s heartbroken parents issued a short statement ahead of the service.

They said;

“The endless support received from many individuals, groups, and organisations that Ashling was strongly a part of during her short 23 years was truly amazing.”

“Ashling’s parents, Raymond and Kathleen, are so grateful to everyone who continue to remember Ashling for who she really was by carrying on the great legacies she left behind. Ashling’s name will live on forever.”

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