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22nd Apr 2022

Kathryn Thomas says bringing her baby girl to A&E was “an outer body experience”

Kat O'Connor

“They took her straight out of my arms and saw her immediately”

Kathryn Thomas has opened up about the horror of bringing your child to A&E.

It’s a feeling many of us would happily forget, but one that sticks with us for way too long.

It’s terrifying, overwhelming, and just surreal.

We do our utmost best to protect our loved ones, but sometimes hospital visits are needed.

The mum recently rushed her daughter Grace to Crumlin Children’s Hospital when she was struggling with her breathing.

Speaking about the heartache, Kathryn told RSVP.

“Everyone kept telling me she just had a little cold before I brought her in. When I took her to Crumlin, they took her straight out of my arms and saw her immediately.

“It was very scary and kind of like an out-of-body experience,” she explained.

“I don’t even remember where I parked the car when I was running in with her, it was surreal.

“You are handing over your baby to people you don’t know and you have to trust them with your life.”

Luckily, the staff in Crumlin took great care of her baby girl.

Baby Grace was diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

She was then discharged after three days in the hospital.

Kathryn praised the staff who took care of her darling girl.

She said her family was very “fortunate and blessed”.

Little Grace has been excelling since she came home, the mum confirmed. Her older sister Ellie adores her and Kathryn said she has made their family complete.

“All I know is that the ferocious love and protection you feel for your little ones overrides physical exhaustion every time.”