Kathryn Thomas's joke about being a new mother at the IFTAs is too relatable 4 years ago

Kathryn Thomas's joke about being a new mother at the IFTAs is too relatable

Been there.

Last night, the IFTAs were on.

Lots of people were there and they won lots of awards and they all had a very nice night, presumably.

One person who also had a nice night was Kathryn Thomas. And we don't blame her at all to be honest because she looked legit incredible.

Here's what she wore.

Genuine goddess, like.

The new mum rocked up to the RDS wearing a bespoke gown by Irish designer Synan O'Mahony.


The Limerick based designer has been creating bridal and evening wear looks for Irish women for 12 years now, and Kathryn's look last night absolutely has to be one of our favourites.

O'Mahony also dressed Lucy Kennedy last night, who looked equally as stunningly glam.

The presenter was wearing a floor length floral number with a train on the back and a wrap waist.

Kennedy was, understandably, very happy with her look but it was Kathryn who expressed how truly blessed she felt to be attending an event where she wasn't wearing a tracksuit.


Writing on Instagram, she said: "If you’re going to come back out after 10 wks of tracksuits, do it wearing @synanomahony with Himself by your side. I feel great."

You look it too, girl.

Kathryn, who recently gave birth to her first child, announced that she was expecting with fiancé Padraig McLaughlin late last year.

The 39-year-old had previously spoken honestly about her past miscarriages and her desire to start a family, saying that she felt like the topic was still very much "taboo."

Speaking on The Late Late Show, she said:

"For us, it wasn't just the miscarriages, it was the length of time it was taking to get pregnant, like three years, and you have the stress of that on top of everything else as well.

Kathryn began dating businessman Padraig in mid-2013 after ending her five-year-long relationship with Garda, Enda Waters.