Kelly Brook accused of photoshopping her holiday photo 10 months ago

Kelly Brook accused of photoshopping her holiday photo

A new day, a new celebrity photoshopping their pictures.

Kelly Brook is currently on holiday in France and has been sharing various photos of her day trips out and about, and her lazy days spent by the pool. She looks happier than ever as she spends time with her boyfriend Jeremy.

But, while she's been very selective about the photos she uploads, choosing only the best, she missed one detail in one photo. As Kelly poses in a swimsuit by the pool, eagle eyed fans are suggesting that it has been photoshopped.

They're particularly pointing out the wooden decking by the pool and how it appears to be warped. The door leading to the pool, behind Kelly's left shoulder, also appears to be affected by photoshop.

Holiday Vibes #Provence #France #RoadTrip #HotelGalicci ???❤️??? @jeremyparisi

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One person commented, "Poorly photoshopped Kelly , wooden planks under arm warped as is left side by water/hair and top right shoulder, your (sic) using the liquify tool in Photoshop", while another added, "It doesn't surprise me that she photoshops herself, however, the fact that it's so blatant is quite funny."