Kian Egan pays emotional tribute to wife Jodi after pregnancy loss 6 months ago

Kian Egan pays emotional tribute to wife Jodi after pregnancy loss

The couple lost their baby at 9 weeks.

Kian Egan has paid tribute to his wife Jodi Albert after their pregnancy loss.

Yesterday, the couple revealed Jodi had suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks.

Kian said it is a loss that they will never get over.

After Jodi spoke out about their heartbreaking loss, Kian praised her for her strength.

He wrote, "I don’t really have any words to describe this woman.

"All I know is I love her with all my heart. She is the strongest person I know.

The Flying Without Wings singer said, "We have been through some heartbreak recently. A heartbreak that will never go away. Love you, my soul mate."


Jodi said speaking publicly about her miscarriage has helped her cope with the loss.

But she said this isn't the first time she has suffered a miscarriage.

"We lost our little one at 9weeks pregnant .. this is my second miscarriage although 3 1/2 years apart."

Jodi explained that this miscarriage "hit differently" because we allowed ourselves to get excited and dream about what the future would look like.

The mum added that Kian has been her rock during their harrowing loss.

She said they will never forget their baby.

"I think it’s part of a positive healing process or maybe it’s just for me to remember that it was real and that little baby did exist and was loved so much."

"To my husband who has just been my rock .. you are the most amazing man. I love you and our boys so much and am so grateful for what I already have."

Kian and Jodi are parents to three sons- Cobi, Zekey, and Koa.