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02nd Sep 2023

This mum’s post about sending her kids back to school is too funny


The great thing about school is that when your kids go there they’re not at home anymore and you finally get a minute’s peace.

Suddenly, it’s somebody else’s job to answer their questions, tell them to clean up their mess, and watch helplessly as they struggle to get their arm in their jacket the correct way.

The joys of parenting.

While a lot of people say they feel a deep sense of loss and despair when their children go back to school after the holidays, one mum doesn’t believe for a second that they’re being honest.

Krechelle Carter is a blogger with six children, and she says that these people drive her “batshit crazy.”

Here’s why.

“I’m sorry but you people that say things like ‘can’t holidays last forever’ or ‘just one more day in the sun with my babes’ drive me batshit crazy.

“Each to their own but if someone doesn’t get my children back into school and kindy soon I might lose my will to live.

“They’ve taken my soul. And it’s going to take the entire day tomorrow to find it again.”

Dramatic, if anything.

But Krechelle doesn’t despise her kids or anything, she just looks forward to the bit of the time when she gets to be alone for once.

She says:

“Now don’t get me wrong I love my little cherubs. But I love them even more after they’ve been at school for seven hours.

“And they are tired and they want to eat food and hug me and go to bed; and they aren’t arguing with me all day, sorry Miss T.

“Story time for everyone because I’ve had a fantastic rest!”

The mum-of-six goes on to say that she feels bad for the teacher who she leaves her children with, but that she has some very important choices to make now that she’s alone.

Should she go for coffee by herself or buy a load of shopping with the money she doesn’t have?

In the end, Krechelle decides to do neither.

Instead, she encourages other parents to calm down a little bit and stop worrying about the back-to-school pressure.

“To all the first time parents. Please don’t panic.

Your child is safe. You deserve a rest. And anything you don’t do right; I promise no one is judging you!

“They probably don’t even notice.”