Kim Kardashian's son found a picture on Roblox about her sex tape 9 months ago

Kim Kardashian's son found a picture on Roblox about her sex tape

“It’s not okay now, it’s not."

During the series premiere of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the past comes back to haunt Kim Kardashian when her son, Saint, six, showed his mum something he found on Roblox that alluded to an alleged second sex tape with Ray J.

During the episode, Saint, who is Kim and Kanye West's firstborn son, showed his mum a crying picture of her that had popped up on Roblox, but when the reality star read the caption, she was in shock.

Talking about the incident in the episode, Kim explains that the caption “said something inappropriate like, ‘Kim’s new sex tape."

She clarifies: “This is supposed to be unreleased footage of my old sex tape.”

Second sex tape

Rumours of a second sex tape that Kim had supposedly made with her ex, Ray J, started circulating back in September of last year. The original sex tape was released back in 2007, and although Kim and Ray J have both denied that a second tape exists, it seems the 41-year-old is taking no chances and has hired a new legal team to tackle this issue.


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However, the moment of discovery with her son was clearly heartbreaking for Kim:

“It’s not okay now, it’s not. It’s on Roblox. Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a f—ing thing popped up and he started laughing and is like, ‘Mommy, look!’ It’s a picture of my cry face that someone made on Roblox and it said ‘Kim’s new sex tape’ when you clicked on it.”

Grateful, Kim was relieved when the actual truth wasn’t revealed to her son. “

Thank God he can’t f—ing read yet. Over my dead body is this s*** going to happen to me again. I just want it gone. This is not going to f*** with me. It’s not. I just want it gone. it’s just annoying, you know, I almost died when Saint thought it was funny.”

In the episode in question, Kim's ex-husband – and father of her four children – Kanye, can be seen calming her down and assured her that everything is in her power.

"Stop worrying about public perception," Kayne said.

"You know who you are.”

Kim also urged her legal team to completely stop the spread of misinformation.

“It’s completely illegal. Make [my lawyer] scare the s— out of this guy. I’ll sue for nominal damages. The message is more important than the money. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m protecting myself for my reputation and my children’s sake.”