Kourtney Kardashian gives huge update about stopping her IVF journey 10 months on 1 month ago

Kourtney Kardashian gives huge update about stopping her IVF journey 10 months on

She's doing well.

Kourtney has given a major update about her health after she revealed that she had stopped her IVF journey after 10 months.

The reality star took to her Instagram stories where she shared a mirror selfie with her followers as she posed on the treadmill.

Giving an update about where she is on her IVF journey with her husband Travis Barker, she told fans that she was finally getting her energy back.

The 43-year-old wrote: “Finally started getting my energy back 10 months after stopping IVF."

Kourtney then went on to add some advice for others who maybe be going through the same process, saying: "For anyone else going through it, it gets better."

Kourtney first spoke about undergoing IVF treatment on The Kardashians where she opened up about wanting to have a baby with Travis.


Already mum to three children, she wanted another addition to her family that she can share with Travis, showing footage of the couple at a doctor's appointment where she had to give a "sample" to the doctor.

Kourtney then jokingly said: “We’ll take our mics off so you don’t get the audio” after a doctor asked for the "sample" to be put in a cup.

News broke last year that Kourtney had gotten her eggs frozen in case she planned on having more children but did not say if that was something she had planned for at the time.

And only a few months ago while speaking to WSJ. Magazine, the businesswoman said they both agreed it was time to pause their IVF journey.

Kourtney shared, "We started an IVF journey, but I stopped."

"It was a lot. I took a break to just focus on our wedding and getting married," she shared.