Last night's Graham Norton Show seriously offended a lot of viewers 5 years ago

Last night's Graham Norton Show seriously offended a lot of viewers

Many felt this was beyond the pale.

Graham Norton is one of the most popular and accomplished television presenters on our screens today, and his BBC One chat show is by far the most revered and star-studded. For many people it is must-see telly - either on Friday nights or later via iPlayer catchup.

But Friday's episode has been criticised in the strongest terms possible by people who are unhappy with one of the invited guests in particular. The famous sofa was filled with big name thespians from Kenneth Branagh's widely-anticipated Murder on the Orient Express, and Judi Dench in particular shone.

But in the current climate of more and more victims of abuse coming out against their famed and celebrated abusers, the appearance of Johnny Depp on the show caused significant distress to viewers who felt there were double standards at best, zero consequences at worst, for those accused of abuse.

In 2016, the actor's ex-wife, actress and model Amber Heard, was granted a restraining order against Depp, as court documents at the time revealed Heard's claim: "During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me."


Depp denies the claims, but many found his appearance on the Graham Norton Show galling, especially as the host had called out Kevin Spacey in his intro. Many found the programme difficult to watch, or boycotted it altogether.