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13th Feb 2017

Last night’s ‘Room to Improve’ brought out our inner utility room envy and we are not ashamed

Amanda Cassidy

We totally get it. 

People have been losing their minds over the utility room on last night’s Room to Improve and we are nodding sagely.

Anyone, particularly with children, can understand the unbridled passion a well organised and spacious utility room can evoke.

You could even call it a boot room for extra satisfaction. I dream of miles of cupboards, built in organisers, neat shoe cubbys…and hooks, lots of hooks.

Kelly and Dessie featured on last night’s programme and Kelly’s very specific task of a utility room for architect Dermot Bannon was getting a lot of chat on social media.

Kelly really really REALLY wanted this utility room, so much so that she was thinking of sacrificing a bedroom in order to have the utility room of dreams.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.

Of course, viewers couldn’t stop chatting about said utility room, with some seeing the benefit of it and others thinking Kelly was bonkers to go to such extremes.

Here are some of the gas tweets sent about ‘utility room gate’. Side note, but Kelly’s ironing rail is an ingenious idea.

Major utility room envy:

Some indignation at Dermot’s dismissal of the utility room.

Others weren’t too impressed with the overall effect.