Irish mammies will LOVE this week's Late Late show guest 5 years ago

Irish mammies will LOVE this week's Late Late show guest

The dream guest for Irish mammies will be on the Late Late Show tonight.

Yes, that's right, Daniel O'Donnell will be chatting to Ryan. He will be in studio to perform and he’ll be chatting about his year, going back on the road with wife Majella and how Dermot Bannon is getting on transforming their home.

Also on the show will be funnyman Mario Rosenstock. As you would expect, he will be in character for an interview that RTÉ says will be 'genuinely unforgettable'.

Mentalist, hypnotist and magician Keith Barry will be playing some tricks with the audience and performing a feat of escapology.

And Kathy McKeon, Jackie Kennedy's right has woman, will be on the show. She emigrated from Monaghan to the US in the early 1960s at the age of 19 and found herself thrust into another world after Jackie Kennedy hired her as a personal assistant.

She was by Jackie’s side for the next thirteen years, not only playing a significant role in raising the Kennedy children but having a front row seat at some of twentieth century’s most significant events. She will share her fascinating story on Friday night.


Finally, Caitriona and Rebecca Fitzpatrick will join Ryan to share a story of teenage mental health issues that will resonate with parents and young people across the country.