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30th Nov 2019

Late Late Toy Show Viewers were in awe over little Tom and his love for nanny Pat


Denise Curtin

Last night’s Late Late Toy Show was truly a special one.

One tweet I read last night that summed up the show well said it was more about the children than the toys and that it was.

And yeah, although I’m not seven-years-old anymore and fascinated by the toys, none of them really stood out to me last night but the children that came on the show, the powerful messages they shared about being different, bullying, having disabilities and dealing with disease in the family was done so well and handled with such care by Ryan.

A hat tip to all involved.

But if you happened to miss last night’s episode, we have some of the best bits recapped here.

One moment that we missed out on above that we absolutely need to discuss is the moment a young boy named Tom Cullen came on as a toy tester and got surprised by his nanny Pat who he basically calls his hero.

Nanny Pat teaches Tom to knit and according to the young boy, she makes the best dinner every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when Tom’s under her watchful eye.

Surprising him on the show, the pair coming together was such a sweet moment and if there’s one thing the toy show executes so well, it’s showing the vast amount of love we have here in our little country.

And speaking of love, people on Twitter were all for nanny Pat and her guest appearance.

And while you’re down a Late Late Toy Show wormhole, another moment that’s worth checking out is when brave Sophia stood up to the bullies for being different and received some advice from Tubridy.

“Don’t let the bullies stop the things… from doing the things you want to do,” Sophia said, speaking down the camera. “And life would just suck if everyone was the same.”

“That’s it exactly,” Tubridy agreed.  “So you just keep on being who you are, what you are, whoever you want to be.”

My heart can’t take it all.