Lauren Goodger's boyfriend Charles speaks out about baby girl's tragic death 6 months ago

Lauren Goodger's boyfriend Charles speaks out about baby girl's tragic death

"I'll love you until the end of time"

Lauren Goodger's partner Charles Drury has spoken out about the loss of their baby girl.

Over the weekend, Lauren Goodger shared the harrowing news that their newborn daughter had passed away.

The reality star said she experienced no complications during birth and she believed her daughter was perfect and healthy.

However, baby Lorena died on July 8th.

Lorena's father Charles has penned a moving tribute to his daughter on Instagram.

He has also promised to look after both Lauren and her daughter Larose during this unbearable time.


Charles said Lorena was "perfect in every way".

"Your little heart will forever beat inside mine, I’ll love you until the end of time."

"Nothing will be the same without you, it’s like living a bad dream I can’t wake from, but your mummy & sister will keep me sane."

"You remind me so much like your big sister, you’d have looked like little twins, Larose will always know how beautiful & strong you were.

"I promise you I'll look after your mummy & sister forever, just look over us all and keep me strong.

The grief-stricken dad added, "Show me signs that you’re up in heaven where you belong."

Charles added, "I’m sorry it had to be this way but I know we’ll be together again someday."

Lauren said she will never get over the loss of her baby girl, but said her daughter Larose is keeping her strong.

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