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09th May 2018

Leopard kills toddler at wildlife park in Uganda

The attack is said to have shocked locals.

Anna O'Rourke

A young child has died after a leopard attack in Uganda.

The toddler died on Friday in an attack in a protected area in south-western Uganda that is popular with tourists.

Bashar Hangi, a spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth National Park said that the two-year-old victim’s mother is one of the park’s game rangers. She was working at the time of the incident.

He was caught by a leopard while following a nanny to a kitchen outside at the Mweya Safari Lodge in the park.

The nanny heard the child scream and turned to see him being dragged into a bush by the animal.

She chased after the leopard but was unable to save the boy.

Leopard kills toddler at wildlife park in Uganda

The toddler’s skull was later found by a search team, according to the Associated Press.

More remains were recovered over the weekend and were buried by his family.

The attack is said to have shocked locals in Uganda, where leopard attacks on humans are rare.

Hangi said that park officials were trying to track the leopard down and potentially move it from the park.

Speaking to local newspaper The Kampala Post, Francis Manana Nabugyere, the boy’s father said he expected compensation from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority over the attack.

“UWA gave us the coffin,” Nabugyere said. “I have not talked to them about the incident but I would expect something reasonable to compensate me, although my son’s life is gone.”