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27th Jun 2019

Lidl has released a doggy paddling pool and we’re buying one ASAP

Olivia Hayes

Just imagine how happy they’d be!

The sun is out and we’re all preparing for a little heatwave (let’s just hope Met Éireann has not lied to us because we all don’t want to be back in our winter jumpers tomorrow).

While we’re basking in the sun, we want to make sure that we don’t get burnt and that we’re drinking enough water – but we also want to look out for our doggos who will be feeling the heat too.

The ISPCA has issued guidelines on how to keep your animals as safe as possible in the sun, but while we’ll be following them, we will also (because we have to) buy them this little doggy paddling pool.

Lidl has just released the tiny pool for €34.99 and we are absolutely buying one.

In stores right now is also a dog bed with a sun shade in case they get that little bit too hot out in the back garden.

The bed comes in at €22.99 and will be very handy if the sun decides to stick around.

We’d leg it to buy these bits though because they will more then likely sell out.