Lidl warn customers to not engage with a scam doing the rounds 4 years ago

Lidl warn customers to not engage with a scam doing the rounds

Do not get caught out.

Lidl in Ireland has warned its customers that there's a text message scam doing the rounds recently.

The shopping chain took to Twitter to tell its followers that if they receive the text in the tweet below, to not engage with it.

The text reads: "There is one big surprise package waiting for you," and is followed by a UPS link to click onto.

Lidl wrote under the screenshotted message: "Please look out for this scam going round by text! Don’t engage with this as it isn’t us!"


The supermarket doesn't explain what the link leads to, but it's been reported that if you click on it, it will automatically charge you.

This isn't the first phone scam doing the rounds in recent months.

Irish people have been targeted by a phone scam over the past number of months as fraudsters attempt to extract money from unsuspecting members of the public.

The scam known as Wangiri fraud, involves an unknown number calling your phone and leaving you with a missed call. When people call the number back, their phone credit is drained or a hefty charge is added to their phone bill.

In other words, beware of any numbers you do not know, and be careful when clicking into any links.