‘Like a scene from jaws’ - Video of sharks in popular Irish beach goes viral 1 week ago

‘Like a scene from jaws’ - Video of sharks in popular Irish beach goes viral

Just when we thought Ireland couldn't be more like Australia this week...

Irish beach-goers got the shock of their lives when they spotted sharks swimming close to the shore.

Families were embracing the beautiful sunshine and high temperatures at Keem Bay in Achill, Co Mayo when the unexpected visitors caught their attention.

The moment was captured on video, which has unsurprisingly gone viral.

In the clip, beachgoers can be seen only meters away from the shark. Luckily, basking sharks are not harmful to humans as they feed on plankton.

Basking sharks are the second biggest living shark and fish. The average basking shark tends to reach 26feet in length, but some can be as long as 30–36 ft. They may look scary but they are harmless creatures. However, their skin is mottled and rough so caution is always advised if you were to ever approach one.

The TikTok of the sharks swimming in Mayo has now reached 233k views.


Viewers couldn't help but comment on the incredible scene.

"It would only take the Irish not to run but to go into the water for the nose," one laughed.

"What a beautiful experience so many people together got to share. I love how there is practically silence apart from the OMGs in amazement."

"Jaws music in the background would've been good," one said. To which the TikTok user replied, "Oh let me tell you it was playing very loudly in our heads."

"It's as if they are putting on a show to welcome all the humans back to the seaside," said another.

Others were less than impressed by the shark's appearance and said it was like something out of Jaws.

"People saying they are harmless! With shark in the name, I'd find it hard to stay in the water myself."

There's no doubt the people at Keem Bay will forget yesterday's visit!