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Elvis Presley's twin granddaughters, Finley and Harper Lockwood, are in the custody of California's Department of Children and Family Services after their mum Lisa Marie allegedly found 'indecent photos' of children on their father's computer.

Social workers in the US have taken the eight-year-old twins sisters into care according to The Daily Mailafter their mother Lisa Marie Presley (49) found "disturbing photos and videos of children on their father's computer."

Presley married guitarist Michael Lockwood (55) married in a small ceremony in Kyoto, Japan in January 2006. Their daughters, Finley and Harper, who are fraternal twins, were born via Caesarean section in 2008. The twins are Lockwood's first-born children, and the third and fourth for Presley who also has a 27-year-old daughter, Riley Keough, and a 24-year-old son, Benjamin Keough. The couple filed for divorce in June 2016.

Lisa Marie, who is the only child of Elvis Presley, stated in court papers that the Beverly Hills Police Department had found inappropriate pictures and videos on her estranged husband's devices during a raid on her home,

"I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach.

My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered.

I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these un-analysed devices."

Presley, the only heir to the estate of her famous father, also stated that she has been forced to move in with her eldest daughter Riley Keough, because Lockwood (who was her former business manager) has allegedly placed her in financial difficulty,

"Approximately a year ago I discovered that he had spent over a million dollars of my separate property funds without my consent.

When I confronted him, he acknowledged that he had spent the amount on my credit cards. I discontinued his access to my credit card at that time.

Soon thereafter, I learned that my former business managers had misused my funds. While I am still investigating, I understand that there was extreme misappropriation."


Ms. Presley stated in the court documents seen by the newspaper that she owes 7.3 million dollars in income tax from the period of time that she and Lockwood lived in Britain,

"'I am considering all options to deal with the massive debt that exists, caused by my former business manager."

The court papers also revealed that a trial has been set for March to determine Finley and Harper's future welfare.

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