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15th Feb 2018

A little boy broke his neck but doctors missed it for 5 weeks

Laura Holland

A five-year-old boy broke his neck after falling off a trampoline but it was dismissed as a minor injury.

Riley Hoy from Clevedon, in England, injured himself while jumping on a trampoline. The doctors misdiagnosed his neck injury as muscle pain and sent him home. After two weeks Riley still complained about a severe pain in his neck.

His parents brought him to Bristol Children’s Hospital where it was established that he had, in fact, broken two vertebrae.

He had to have surgery and he left the hospital wearing a neck brace.

His mother Gemma, told the North Somerset Times, “It was every parent’s worst nightmare, we didn’t know how we were going to get through that point.

Riley was absolutely amazing throughout. His positive, happy attitude kept everyone going and made us realise we could get through it.

The surgeon was amazed no more harm had come to Riley in the five weeks he had walked around with the injury. We had even been camping and swimming with him.”

Little Riley was managing with his neck brace, but to help him deal with having to wear it for two months his neighbours and friends decided to make him a special teddy bear who also had a neck brace.

Images via YouTube/Inside Edition