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30th May 2016

This Little Boy Is Feeling All The Feels About The Environment – And We Love Him

If you want to feel your heart burst with sweetness today, you need to see this little emotional environmentalist explain to his mum how people are “wrecking” the planet.

After six-year-old Henry Hall had been shown a video in school about the effects of people on the environment, he was feeling a little overwhelmed with emotions when his mum came to get him.

In the now viral video she since posted to her Facebook page, little Henry sobs about “dumb” people who throw trash on the ground or hurt animals.” He even threatens to call them the ‘S’ word (That word would be “stupid,” of course. He has a point, though, in fairness. Littering is stupid.)

Henry even tells his mum he wants to be “an adult right now” so he can “do his job right away” of letting people know just how bad they are being to the planet.

It’s the sobbing about the “baby animals” that got us. Or how he hates people who are “just being rude” to the planet. Well those, or that he asks his mum to drive him to Little Mountain (which must be their nature spot of choice) and he could bring a whistle to stop all the bad people.

Bless. His. Heart.