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02nd Oct 2017

This little girl’s brutally honest opinion about gym goers is remarkably valid

Louise Carroll

Kids can be so brutally honest it’s always going to be either embarrassing, shocking or down right hilarious.

This little lady’s opinion of the gym is utterly hilarious. No gym goer gets left out of her opinionated speech either, she makes sure to brand us all with the same brush.

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Mum Katie Stauffer, regularly shares videos of her confident little girl giving her view of various happenings and the world around her in general – and yes, it’s very cute indeed.

For example, little Mila whose Instagram video has plenty of folks in absolute stiches depicts her giving a truly candid account of her interpretation of yoga.

She says,

“My mom was like ‘Hey Mila, you want to go to the gym?’”

Evidently, Mila is far too smart for this kind of thing and responds saying, “Who’s Jim?”

We just can’t tell if this one’s playing dumb here or not. One thing’s for sure though, she’s a cleaver cookie. Speaking about those folks who head to the gym, she said:

“How are these people so motivated? I don’t know… I’m happy for them.” *eye-roll*

We feel you Mila, we feel you.

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She also gives her two-cents when it comes to the practise of yoga. “Do you know what yoga is? It’s hineys in your face…”

She’s not wrong either.

We think little Mila may have made up her mind. She’s not going to the gym… ever.